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The Benefits of ExTremeBloc Insulation in Greater Columbus, OH

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Winter is around the corner: Are you ready?

As the days get shorter and colder, it's time to think about how to best protect your home from cooler temperatures. One of the culprits of high winter heating bills is poor or nonexistent insulation.

This is what failing insulation looked like in a crawl space in Marion, OH.

How Heat Flow Works

Heat moves from areas of higher temperature to areas of lower temperature. The earth below grade is usually at a lower temperature than what people would find comfortable in their homes, especially in the winter. Consequently, there is a constant stream of heat loss by conduction through a home's foundation and into the outside earth.

About ExTremeBloc Insulation

An alternative to fiberglass insulation is ExTremeBloc insulation panels. The water-resistant panels are 2 inches thick and infused with graphite powder to reflect heat and lower the material's conductivity for a superior insulating value.

All insulation is tested to determine how well it resists transfer of heat. That is what the "R" in insulation's R-value stands for, resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the higher the resistance and the greater the insulating value.

ExTremeBloc insulation has an overall R-11 value, which is two to three times greater than foam board or other insulating materials of the same thickness.

SilverGlo is 2-inch thick insulation with a radiant barrier to both insulate and reflect heat back into the crawl space.

ExTremeBloc Installation: Exterior & Interior Applications

ExTremeBloc can be installed to the exterior foundation walls along with the SentrySeal Waterproofing Membrane. When a foundation has to be dug up in order to repair the foundation anyway, it is the perfect time to insulate, while the wall is exposed.

ExTremeBloc can also be installed inside the home, and is perfect for crawl space walls. In addition to resisting heat conduction, ExTremeBloc boasts a radiant barrier, which reflects heat back into the crawl space for ultimate energy savings. The panels can also be installed on the perimeter of the floor framing system (rim joist) for maximum energy savings.

A homeowner in West Jefferson, OH, recently had work done in her crawl space, including the installation of ExTremeBloc insulation panels. It helped transform the formerly damp area to a healthier one. The rooms above the crawl space now seem warmer!

SilverGlo insulation panels were installed in this home's crawl space, helping make the rooms above the area warmer.

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