Do It Right the First Time: A Message from Jim Pierpoint

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016


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Recently, one of our longtime teammates, Jim Pierpoint, visited a couple that just bought their first home. Before buying, the couple had a home inspector out to look at the house. A few issues were found, so the realtor recommended a General Contractor (GC) to remedy these problems. Weeks later, they were still having the same issues, so they called Ohio Basement Authority.

Jim arrived for the scheduled appointment and found a battery backup system from a home improvement chain that the GC installed. He noticed it was malfunctioning right when he lifted the lid. The homeowner said he had to continuously check the levels of battery because the GC warned him that it could stop working. Jim explained the differences and perks of installing our SafeDri battery backup pit and pump. Our battery is sealed and carries a warranty, unlike the malfunctioning one previously installed, so checking levels was unnecessary as it could function on its own.Before and after photos of the sump pump.

The GC had also installed the condensation line underground from the HVAC, but connected it to nothing. He just dug a little trench and poured concrete over it, so water was building up under the concrete. This made Jim angry. He asked one of our production crews to help the homeowners run the line to a condensation pump to allow for proper draining and water removal.

The GC did multiple other projects in this home. He did some electrical work, installed a fence and underground drain lines, put up drywall, and painted.

“It upsets me that people can do these important repairs, and not back the work completed, or in some cases, leave projects half done.” Jim said. "Homeowners put trust in people to do it right. It was a referral from the realtor. ‘I got a guy!’ he said. That scares me. I don't want my electrician to put up a fence. I want a fence guy. I don't want my plumber to install structural supports on my foundation wall. I want Ohio Basement Authority. That's what we do. We specialize in foundation repair. And we have lifetime national warranties that will protect homeowners from future issues. Why would you refer a guy that does everything and specializes in nothing?”

Jim mentioned another similar problem that arose. Sometimes realtors call to buy only our products so they can hire a GC to install them. We, however, are unable to do this for warranty reasons. The realtors are often told they can save money if the GC installs. While they love our products, they would often prefer to save money over installing them correctly.

"HELLO??" Jim exclaimed. "Ok, say I want to buy a house that needs structural supports. But, I want to have someone support the wall that doesn't do it on a daily basis or back their work. Get me someone so he can fix my failing foundation wall by sealing it with caulking in some cases; or painting the wall to hide the stains and cracks; or installing steel beams and framing them into the joists with penny nails. This makes me sick sometimes. Get a company with a warranty and research companies. Find the best electrician, best chimney specialist, best plumber, or best foundation specialist - OBA. It's your home, people, the No. 1 investment you make in life. Do it right the first time.”

Sometimes, first-time homeowners and sellers don't even know this is happening. Jim said they just get it done.

“My goal in this industry is to make healthier homes in the wonderful state of Ohio," he said. "I want to do it one time and back it with a warranty for the life of your home. What we do is pretty simple: fix it the right way and back it.”

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