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Three Reasons Foundation Cracks Are Scarier Than Halloween Monsters

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Running from foundation issues.With Halloween coming up, spooky monsters and movies are on everyone's minds. But, have you thought about the scary issues that could be happening year-round in your basement? Here are three reasons foundation cracks are scarier than Halloween monsters.

1. Foundation cracks are real dangers and safety hazards.

Cracks and bowing are signs that a foundation is shifting. This will only worsen over time because it simply will not “stop settling” after a certain number of years. Settlement happens when the soil under the structure is not capable of holding the weight, and this will continue to happen until the weight is transferred to more stable soil or bedrock.

2. They can cause expensive repairs if ignored.

This wall fell in because cracks and bowing were left unattended to.

Walls do not collapse overnight…well, they can, but the signs are there before it happens. It is much less expensive to properly support a wall that is cracking or bowing than to rebuild an entire collapsed wall. It also is a lot less clean-up, as you can see from the picture to the right.

3. They can allow water intrusion and cause a basement flood.

Water and foundation cracks can go hand-in-hand. Hydrostatic pressure, or water outside in the soil pushing on a foundation wall, can cause the cracks and then pour inside once it has an entryway. If a wall is not properly supported, then there are potentially two existing problems.


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