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Meet Ohio Basement Authority's Graphic Design Specialist

Friday, February 9th, 2018

Welcome Tori Kohl, Ohio Basement Authority's Graphic Design Specialist!

Whether you are a customer or an employee, working with Ohio Basement Authority is a remarkable, life-changing experience.

Tori Kohl knows this firsthand. Tori recently joined Ohio Basement Authority as our Graphic Design Specialist. She is eager to bring a new voice and new outlook to the marketing team and our company, and we are happy to have her on board!

Tori said she feels at home and truly like a member of the family here at Ohio Basement Authority, and she appreciates how we do business.

“The culture is what drew me here,” she said. “The employees are treated like humans and not just check boxes, and that carries over into the customer service. The One Team mentality is awesome to me. Even though we work in different departments, we’re all working towards one goal.

“Everyone has gone out of their way to be kind and helpful," she continued. "It makes you feel good and want to work twice as hard. I’m genuinely happier, and that’s translated through my whole life.”

Tori’s previous career, her first job out of college, was a valuable learning experience that paved the way for future opportunities. This is where she really came out of her shell, further developed her communication skills, and began to hold herself accountable.

Her exposure to social media and its impact also made and impression, and she is eager to dive into this area of marketing with us.

“I’m looking forward to getting Ohio Basement Authority’s brand out, along with the difference we can make,” Tori said. “We can make these places safer so people can create their dream homes. I see us branding in different ways, whether it’s testimonials or promoting ourselves through social media. I want to create graphics showing what we do and why we’re the best.”


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