Celebrating Our Work Mom Who Pushes Us to Redefine Our Industry

Friday, May 18th, 2018

Brandie Koehler is the Work Mom and Ohio Basement Authority, and we greatly appreciate her!

You’ve probably heard the terms “Work Wife” or “Work Husband” – people we become so close to because we see and work with them day in and day out. Here in our Ohio Basement Authority family, we have a Work Mom – Brandie Koehler. Many of our staff members often refer her to her as Mom for a variety of reasons.

Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, it’s never too late to say “thank you” to our Work Mom who pushes us to redefine our industry.

Brandie has been with Ohio Basement Authority for almost five years, and she was the first female hired on the staff. While the construction industry traditionally has been a male-dominated field, that didn’t stop Brandie. She’s no shrinking flower. She has a strong, determined personality and the drive to dig in and get stuff done, and she brings a maternal approach to conducting business.

We greatly appreciate our Work Mom!

“When I moved here from Cleveland right out of school and out of my parents’ house, I met Brandie who started two weeks after me,” said Matt Wojciechowski. “She was a mother figure from the very beginning in this place, my home away from home. We both connected with being very family-oriented.”

Megan Pettry said she had a similar experience when she joined Ohio Basement Authority’s team, which has allowed her to grow and evolve personally and professionally.

“When I started I was still immature,” Megan said. “But she helped me grow up and be more responsible, and she held me accountable. Now, as a mom, I see myself being like her. I see how she is with her sons, caring and loving but firm.”

Megan became a new mother several months ago, and Matt also is a fairly new parent. As each of them navigates their own journey through parenthood, they know they can look to Brandie as a role model and source of inspiration and guidance.

“Listening to how she talks about her family and her sons, I know it’s important in her everyday life,” Matt said. “She taught me the importance of finding a work-life balance so when I go home I’m giving my daughter and wife the attention they deserve. Brandie has taken new and young parents under her wing and is an extremely solid resource with help in creating a solid foundation. Her level of concern is always personal, not just professional.”

Brandie’s work style is the perfect blend of personal and professional. Like an encouraging mother, Brandie always is there cheering us on and motivating us to go the extra mile, for she believes more is possible.

“She is redefining us and what we can do, and helping us burst past what we only thought we could do,” Megan said. “She pushes all of us to do more, but in a ‘mom’ way, making it feel more emotional. She taught me customer service the OBA way.”

Brandie is a

Brandie’s job description has undergone many transitions through the years, but she welcomes the change of pace with open arms, setting an example for the rest of the team.

“She’s always where we need her because we can count on her to get it done, and with a smile on her face,” Megan said. “And she’s all about teamwork. She will drop what she’s doing to help anybody here. She’s very loyal to the company and all of us.”

Matt also is inspired by her dedication and ability to do it all.

“Her position here has a lot of responsibility, but she’s able to accommodate everybody, “he said. “She’s always there to lend a helping hand no matter what or who it is. When I look at a mother, I think of someone who is powerful, strong, attentive and a caring individual. She embodies all of those qualities, which rolls right into what we do as a company. She is a “Super Mom” and an impressive individual.”

Thank you, Brandie, for everything you do! We love you and appreciate you very much!

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