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Please Keep Your Eaves and Gutters Clear of Leaves This Fall

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Happy Fall!

Despite recent almost summer-like temperatures, fall is here. Trees will soon be ablaze with color, then the leaves will begin to fall and coat the ground.

These gutters are clogged by leaves and twigs, which could actually lead to water from the gutters collecting near the home and leaking into the basement.

If there are trees near your house with branches close to the roof, leaves, twigs and other debris can easily fall into the roof’s gutter system. The gutters will then be clogged and unable to properly drain and redirect rainwater.

This leads to additional problems that could impact your basement. If the gutters overflow and water is spewing out and down the side of the house, this water can collect near the home’s foundation and find its way inside the basement’s foundation walls. You could end up with wet carpet and drywall, damaged belongings, and worse yet, even basement flooding.

Especially this time of year, it is very important to keep your gutters clear of any debris so they can properly do their job. The gutters collect rainwater that is directed to downspouts around the house. These downspouts then help drain water away from the foundation. Even if water can flow through the lines, any debris can build up inside the lines causing them to clog or break.

So, keep those gutters clean, and if you find yourself questioning your downspout conductor lines and exterior drainage system, or you want to give your basement a waterproofing overhaul, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We can update your exterior drainage system with newer, thicker pipes placed in the ground. And we can install the best basement waterproofing solutions including the BasementGutter sub-floor drainage system and a variety of trusted sump pumps.

Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!


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