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Crawl Space Encapsulation & Insulation in Plain City, OH

Homeowners in Plain City, OH, have lived in their house for 22 years, and they wanted to create a healthier storage area in their crawl space. While their crawl space did not leak or cause energy penalties, they noticed problems with mice in the past. After removing the older insulation and matting, one of Ohio Basement Authority's expert crews encapsulated the crawl space with CrawlSeal liner. This isolates the home from the earth and pests. Drainage matting was placed under the liner to enhance durability, and ExTremeBloc insulation panels were installed on the walls. Both the walls and floor are now insulated to save the most money. These products also meet the homeowners' goals of controlling earth moisture, saving energy, and creating a cleaner crawl space.

Crawl Space Overhaul in Blacklick, OH

A homeowner in Blacklick, OH, noticed her floor sagging in the crawl space area, and recognized the need for a proper structural support system. Several projects were performed by Ohio Basement Authority, but the majority of the work took place in the crawl space. CrawlSeal liner with drainage matting was installed, along with CrawlDrain and a SafeDri sump pump to keep the area dry. IntelliJacks were added to raise the floor to the proper level. A vent cover was also installed and spray foam insulation was also used. Now the homeowner has a dry, healthy crawl space that enhances her home's value as well as her peace of mind for the future!

Sealing a Nasty Crawl Space in Marysville, OH

After living in their house for almost 20 years, homeowners in Marysville, OH, were ready to put the house on the market. They knew they needed to tackle various repair projects around the house, including fixing up the areas that are normally out of sight and out of mind – the basement and crawl space. As they cleaned out the basement, the owners noticed a musty odor originating from the crawl space area. They wanted to see what they could do to fix this issue before proceeding with their to-do list, so they researched potential repairs. They came across information about Ohio Basement Authority online, and they were motivated to contact us to learn more about how we could help them. They met with one of our inspectors who completed a thorough evaluation of the crawl space. Considering the homeowners’ repair goals of sealing the crawl space to isolate the home from the earth, as well as save energy, our inspector then presented the owners with some of our reliable crawl space repair solutions. One of our crews then transformed the crawl space by encapsulating the area in thick and durable CrawlSeal liner. This liner is a moisture and vapor barrier, which also helps insulate the crawl space. The crawl space was further insulated with ExTremeBloc panels on the walls and panels that were placed on the floor before the encapsulation process. The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these trustworthy products have helped them create a healthier living environment for the next owners.

Foundation Stabilization with Carbon Fiber Supports in Athens, OH

After living in his house for 18 years, a homeowner in Athens, OH, was ready to address longtime structural problems. One of the home’s foundation walls was cracking and tilting inward, and these issues only appeared to be worsening with time. Significant damage and safety hazards, as well as costly repairs, can result the longer these signs of foundation wall failure are neglected. The homeowner wanted to fix these problems once and for all, and he began to research how to best address these problems. He was motivated to contact Ohio Basement Authority after finding information about our company and our repair methods online. He then met with one of our inspectors who assessed the condition of the wall. Our inspector then recommended one of our many trustworthy foundation repair solutions. One of our crews then installed several Carbon Fiber supports along the problematic foundation wall. These durable supports firmly adhere to the wall to permanently reinforce it and hold it in its current position. The straps also protect the wall from any further cracking or inward bowing. This repair method may not appear to be very attractive, but the straps’ low profile allows them to easily be covered by paint or other basement finishing materials. The homeowner is now pleased to have a safe and structurally sound living environment because of this reliable repair method.

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Stabilization in New Albany, OH

Homeowners in New Albany, OH, have lived in their house for almost 15 years. Recently, they began to notice that the floors directly above their crawl space felt bouncy and sagging in some spots. They also were concerned with the health of their crawl space, which lacked proper insulation and sealing material. The owners knew they could count on Ohio Basement Authority for the right solutions, as they were acquainted with some of our staff. One of our experienced crew foremen paid the homeowners a visit so he could inspect the condition of the crawl space and its support system. The foreman and the owners then discussed goals for a repair project, and our foreman presented them with some of our reliable crawl space repair solutions. One of our crews then worked to complete these projects. Once they removed the failing insulation and any debris from the crawl space, they installed several IntelliJacks underneath a new steel supplemental support beam. These heavy-duty, galvanized steel supports permanently stabilize the floor joists and help raise the floor back to level. They also will not rust or corrode. IntelliJacks are designed to stop settling, but can easily be adjusted if any settlement occurs. Drainage matting was then placed on the floor to enhance the strength and durability of the encapsulation material, and ExTremeBloc insulation panels were placed on the walls. Spray foam insulation also was applied to the band joists. The crawl space was then encapsulated in CrawlSeal liner to fully isolate the area from the earth. The crawl space is now a safer, healthier, and more stable area, which benefits the rest of the house and gives the homeowners peace of mind.
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