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Several Solutions Permanently Stabilize Problematic Foundation Walls in Bucyrus, OH

Saturday, February 17th, 2018 by Holly Richards-Purpura


The possibility of an unsafe home motivated homeowners in Bucyrus, OH, to take action.

After living in their house for almost 20 years, the homeowners noticed structural problems were only getting worse and potentially dangerous. Several areas of the foundation walls were cracking and also appeared to be tilting inward. An area of the above floor also seemed to be sagging and uneven.

The owners were worried that these problems could eventually result in the complete failure and collapse of the walls. They would like to live in the house for several more years, so having a safe and structurally sound living environment is very important to them.

The homeowners then began to research potential repair options. After they came across information online about Ohio Basement Authority, they were eager to contact us for further guidance. They met with Inspector Zeke Fowler who completed a thorough evaluation of the problematic foundation walls. Zeke discussed his findings with the homeowners, as well as their goals for repair, and he then presented them with some of our reliable foundation repair solutions.


One of our crews then worked to repair these walls with several products.

Carbon Fiber supports were placed on the walls that were not severely cracking or bowing inward. These sturdy supports firmly adhere to the walls to stabilize them and hold them in their current positions. They also prevent any further cracking or inward bowing.

IntelliBrace beams also were installed on the walls that had more dramatic cracking and bowing to help improve their condition. The top of the beams are secured to the floor joists and then plumbed against the walls as level as possible. The bottoms of the beams are then anchored to the floor. A large-diameter bolt at the top of the walls can be adjusted and tightened to potentially improve and help straighten the wall. Unlike typical metal support beams, the IntelliBrace beams are zinc-coated to resist corrosion and damage.

IntelliJacks also were installed underneath the main load beam in the basement to help stabilize and lift sagging floors. The heavy-duty IntelliJacks are made of galvanized steel to enhance their durability, as well as resist rust, corrosion, and rot. The IntelliJacks permanently stabilize the above floors and help raise them back to the proper level. They also are designed to prevent further settling. But if any settling occurs, the IntelliJacks can easily be adjusted. The IntelliJack system also can support vertical loads exceeding 60,000 lbs.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing their home will be a safer and structurally stable living environment because of this trustworthy repair project.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Inspector: Zeke Fowler

Products Installed: IntelliBrace System, Carbon Fiber Supports, IntelliJacks


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