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Basement Waterproofing Upgrades Enhance the Health and Safety of a Home in Frankfort, OH

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 by Holly Richards-Purpura


As they moved into their house, new homeowners in Frankfort, OH, began to tackle some repairs around the home. A couple concerns they wanted to address included the basement’s existing sump pump system and some of the exterior drainage system.

The sump pump lacked a lid, which actually is a big problem. Objects can easily fall into open sump pits and damage the pumping equipment, any water in the pit can evaporate back into the basement and contribute to moisture and humidity, and the pit could overflow with water and cause a flood. The exterior sump pump discharge line also looked like it could use updating, as well.

As the owners began to research repair options to meet their needs, they came across information about Ohio Basement Authority. After contacting us, they met with Inspector John Becker Sr. John took a look at the sump pump and the drainage system, and he recommended upgrading these items to newer, more reliable systems.


Foreman Levi Fletcher and his crew then removed the older sump pump system and upgraded it to the SafeDri Prox. The SafeDri Prox features a ½ horsepower sump pump that can pump up to 2,200 gallons of water out of the basement per hour. The system was installed in the larger SafeDri Triple liner to allow for easy future upgrades.

The compact, yet powerful and energy-efficient dehumidifier also was installed in the basement. This dehumidifier cleans and filters the air, helps control humidity and moisture, and reduces odors and the potential for mold growth. The dehumidifier also self-drains into the SafeDri Prox, so there are no buckets to worry about emptying like with conventional dehumidifiers.

Additionally, a FreezeGuard was attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line. This special attachment allows water being pumped out of the home by the SafeDri Prox to continue to exit the discharge line even if the line freezes or becomes blocked. The rest of the exterior discharge line was placed in the ground and directed to drain away from the home. The end of the line was camouflaged with a YardWell outlet.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these trustworthy repairs have helped them create a living environment that will be safe, healthy and dry for many years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Inspector: John Becker Sr.

Foreman: Levi Fletcher

Products Installed: SafeDri Prox, FreezeGuard, YardWell, Exterior Drainage Line


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