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Waterproofing a Leaking Basement in Canal Winchester, OH, With Reliable Solutions

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 by Holly Richards-Purpura


Homeowners in Canal Winchester, OH, have lived in their house for almost 15 years. During the last few years, however, they noticed a problem in their basement was only worsening with time. Water seemed to seep inside the basement in multiple areas every time it rained, resulting in puddles and damage to the drywall.

The homeowners were tired of dealing with the issue, and they were concerned with potential flooding if they didn’t address is right away. During their research into potential repairs, the owners came across information about Ohio Basement Authority online. They were eager to contact us for further guidance. After doing so, they met with Inspector Drew Black. Drew completed a thorough evaluation of the leaking basement, and he then presented the owners with some of our reliable basement waterproofing solutions.


Foreman Martimiano Alonso and his crew then waterproofed the basement with the BasementGutter interior drainage system and SafeDri Triple sump pump system, as well as exterior FreezeGuard attachments and downspout conductor lines.

The basement’s perimeter was first excavated in order to properly install the BasementGutter system. BasementGutter is specially designed to sit in the sub-floor and atop the footing in order to accept seeping water from the walls and floor. Drainage pipe also was placed in the floor in front of the walk-out access.

Any water intercepted by the BasementGutter and drainage systems is then directed to the “king of sump pump systems,” the SafeDri Triple. The SafeDri Triple is equipped with three powerful pumps inside its liner, along with an external backup battery. This battery ensures the system will always operate to pump water out of the basement, even during power outages. The battery also allows the system to pump more than 11,500 gallons of water on a full charge.

Additionally, FreezeGuards were attached to the exterior sump pump discharge lines.  These special attachments allow the water being pumped out of the basement to continue to drain even if the discharge lines freeze or become blocked. These lines also were tied into new downspout conductor lines that also were installed on the property.

The homeowners can rest easier knowing these trustworthy solutions are protecting their home, and will keep it safe and dry for many years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Inspector: Drew Black

Foreman: Martimiano Alonso

Products Installed: BasementGutter, SafeDri Triple, FreezeGuards, Downspout Conductor Lines


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