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Foundation Walls Stabilized with Structural Steel I-Beams and Carbon Fiber in Marysville, OH

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


Homeowners in Marysville, OH, were becoming concerned with their home's structural integrity. They consulted with local structural engineers Korda/Nemeth Engineering, Inc., and Professional Engineer David A. Holtzapple performed a thorough inspection of their foundation.

Mr. Holtzapple found evidence of foundation settlement throughout the basement. The west wall was bulging inward and had various cracks, including some in stair-stepping patterns as well as a vertical corner crack.


To address these continuous problems and prevent them from becoming larger issues, Mr. Holtzapple suggested stabilizing the foundation by installing steel beams as well as a corner strap.

The homeowners then contacted Ohio Basement Authority after their meeting with Mr. Holtzapple. One of our certified inspectors who specializes in foundation repair agreed with Mr. Holtzapple's assessment. He recommend the installation of eight Structural Steel I-Beams - five on the west wall and three on the perpendicular north wall.

Carbon Fiber wall supports were installed in the northwest corner near the existing sump pump, and Carbon Fiber corner straps were installed on the vertically cracking corner.

Both the durable beams and strong Carbon Fiber supports will stabilize and hold the walls in their current position, and prevent any further inward movement.

The wall cracks were also repaired, existing beams along the walls were shimmed, and floor joists were blocked, according to the engineer's specifications.

The homeowners are happy their house will now be stable for many years to come because of these products.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: David A. Holtzapple, Korda/Nemeth Engineering, Inc.

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: Structural Steel I-Beams, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber Corner Strap


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