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Keeping a Commercial Building in Hilliard, OH, Dry with Multiple Sump Pumps

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


The owner of a commercial building in Hilliard, OH, had experienced multiple flooding incidents over the years, and he wanted to make sure it would remain dry for future business tenants.

He contacted Ohio Basement Authority, and one of our inspectors completed a thorough inspection at the property. He found three sump pumps - two underneath stairwells, and one in an elevator shaft. This was a unique situation our inspector had never encountered, but he met the challenge head-on.

Iron ochre, a reddish-brown substance that is a waste byproduct of iron bacteria, was building up and causing the existing sump pumps to burn out. The elevator shaft would also flood and cause damage to the seals to the elevator, which are costly to repair. There has been as much as five feet of water in the flooded elevator shaft. The water would then overflow into the 4,200 square-foot basement and cause additional damage to the floor and drywall.

Based on these issues, our inspector suggested various waterproofing solutions.


Per our inspector's recommendations, one of our expert crews installed a SafeDri Triple sump pump in the elevator shaft. The pumps inside the SafeDri Triple were adjusted to handle extra water, so two 1/2 horsepower pumps were installed. It was connected to a generator in the building, so a battery back-up was not installed on this pump.

It was a challenge to cut through the thick concrete to install the SafeDri Triple in the elevator shaft, and extra gravel was used to backfill the area once the pump was placed in the pit.

Two SafeDri pumps with battery back-ups were also installed under the stairwells.

Each sump pump was equipped with an Alarm, which sounds off if the water rises above the operating range of the pumps.

The building owner is pleased to have updated, reliable sump pumps that will keep the structure dry for future tenants. The basement, which has never been used because of the flooding problems, will now be a functional space.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: SafeDri Triple, SafeDri


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