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Waterproofing Solutions Improve the Health of Leaking Crawl Spaces and a Basement in Gahanna, OH

Monday, August 17th, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


They have loved living in their house for many years, but homeowners in Gahanna, OH, were becoming concerned with the health of their home. Water intrusion in the basement and one of the crawl spaces was most noticeable during periods of heavy rain. This resulted in water damage and mold, and the owners thought these problems could also be affecting the air quality in their home.

Eager to address these issues, they contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company through websites like Angie's List. Inspector Brendan Kent completed a thorough evaluation at the almost 30-year-old home. He found moisture issues in the two crawl spaces under the home, as well as moldy and failing insulation and matting. The existing sump pump in the basement was no longer functioning properly, and many belongings were stored in the area that was leaking.

Brendan then proposed various repair methods to the homeowners that would not only benefit the problematic areas, but the rest of the house, as well.


Per Brendan's recommendations, one of our expert crews encapsulated the crawl spaces in heavy-duty CrawlSeal liner. This liner completely isolates the area from the earth, and serves as a vapor and moisture barrier. It also brightens the crawl spaces.

Only one of the crawl spaces was leaking, so other crawl space repair products including the CrawlDrain drainage system was installed in the floor to intercept seeping water. The SafeDri Pro sump pump was also installed to pump water out of the crawl space.

To address the leaking basement, various waterproofing products such as the sub-floor BasementGutter system were installed. Similar to the CrawlDrain crawl space product, BasementGutter will catch any seeping water and drain it to a reliable sump pump. The failing sump pump was replaced by the SafeDri Pro x. A Basement Air System was also installed to filter the air and eliminate unpleasant damp, musty odors.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing these permanent solutions will allow their house to be a healthier living environment for many years to come!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Brendan Kent

Products Installed: CrawlSeal, CrawlDrain, SafeDri Pro, ExTremeBloc, BasementGutter, SafeDri Pro x


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