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Nasty Crawl Space in Pataskala, OH, is Improved with Encapsulation and Waterproofing Solutions

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


The crawl space underneath a home is an often-neglected area, but it can cause a variety of problems for homeowners. Whatever is in the crawl space, whether it's standing water or moldy insulation, affects the health of the rest of the home.

After recently moving into their house, homeowners in Pataskala, OH, noticed these issues in their crawl space and were motivated to correct them as soon as possible. They were not confident in the solutions offered by another company, but after they saw one of Ohio Basement Authority's TV ads they knew they had to call us.

Inspector Matt Wojciechowski, who specializes in crawl space repair, completed a thorough evaluation at the 40-year-old home. Along with water and failing insulation, he found other evidence of mold and moisture, an open pit where a sump pump may have been, and open vents. Matt then presented the homeowners with a variety of repair methods that would transform the nasty crawl space into a healthier and more functional area.


Per Matt's recommendations, one of our expert crews installed several of our patented products and permanent crawl space repair solutions.

Our crew members first took great care to remove the nasty insulation and debris from the crawl space.

The perimeter was then excavated where the walls and floor meet for the installation of the CrawlDrain drainage system. If any water seeps into the crawl space, CrawlDrain will intercept it and drain it to the SafeDri Pro sump pump. The SafeDri Pro is a reliable and ideal sump pump for crawl spaces. Its lid and unique sump liner are designed to accept the CrawlSeal system for an airtight seal.

After drainage matting was placed on the floor, the crawl space was encapsulated in CrawlSeal liner. This durable liner, similar to pool liner, completely isolates the crawl space from the earth, serves as a moisture and vapor barrier, and dramatically improves the appearance. ExTremeBloc insulation panels were also installed on the walls. These products create an energy saving combination. Because both the walls and floor are insulated, they all dramatically reduce heat loss through crawl space walls so the homeowners can save more money from energy costs.

The powerful dehumidifier was also installed to filter the air and control humidity and moisture in the crawl space. It conveniently drains into the SafeDri Prox, so there are no buckets to worry about emptying or overflowing.

Additionally, vent covers were installed on the home's exterior to seal the area from outside air and pests. An FreezeGuard was also attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line to prevent flooding should the line become blocked or freeze in the winter.

The owners now have peace of mind knowing all of these permanent solutions have had a positive impact not only in the crawl space, but within the rest of the home as well. Their house will now be a healthier living environment for many years to come!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Matt Wojciechowski

Products Installed: CrawlSeal, CrawlDrain, SafeDri Pro, ExTremeBloc, Dehumidifier, FreezeGuard, Vent Covers


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