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Sagging Floors in an Older Home are Structurally Reinforced in Columbus, OH

Thursday, September 17th, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


Twelve years ago, homeowners in Columbus, OH, fell in love with a beautiful old home in the city's Victorian Village neighborhood. The two-story brick house was built in 1900. While it looks appealing from the outside, the home's interior structural support system needed some attention.

The stone and brick foundation walls in the basement were beginning to crumble, especially around areas with duct work. The floors above the basement were also sagging. The owners noticed these issues were getting worse over time, and they were ready to address these problems and prevent them from escalating.

They first consulted with a local engineering company, and Matthew Macasek with ProCheck Engineering performed a foundation inspection at the home. He noted the various areas of sagging, lack of structural support, and other structural issues. He suggested several repair methods including installing steel beams and jacks, and reinforcing the beam supports.

One of the companies Mr. Macasek recommended to complete the work was Ohio Basement Authority. After the owners contacted us, one of our highly qualified and experienced inspectors also completed a thorough inspection at the 115-year-old house. Our inspector concurred with Mr. Macasek's assessment and recommended several options to permanently stabilize the home.


One of our expert crews completed the structural reinforcement project within one week. A total of 10 IntelliJacks were installed throughout the basement to stop settling and raise the floor back to level. IntelliJacks are commonly used in crawl spaces, but basement installations are other practical applications.

First, sections of the floor were excavated down to the footer. Structural stone fill is compacted, and a cement pad is installed. The heavy-duty steel IntelliJacks are then cut to size and installed under the sagging floor. Steel beams were also installed under a few sections of the floor that were significantly sagging. This further enhances the structural support system. Four mini jacks were also installed in the area with duct work to prevent further bowing.

The owners were pleased these permanent foundation repairs were completed so their home will be safe and structurally sound for many years to come.

Project Summary

Project Engineer: Matthew Macasek, ProCheck Engineering

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed/Scope of Project: IntelliJacks, Mini Jacks, Steel Beam Support


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