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Permanent Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repairs Correct a Wet and Cracking Basement in Jackson, OH

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


It’s been almost 20 years since they moved into their house, but it wasn’t until recently that homeowners in Jackson, OH, noticed water in their basement. They were concerned when they spotted puddles on the floor during periods of heavy rain, and they didn’t want this to turn into a costly issue. Not only will the problem continue if it isn’t promptly addressed, it results in damage to the walls, floors, and any stored items in the basement. It also leaves behind unsightly efflorescence and hazardous mold in many cases.

While researching repair companies, the owners came across Ohio Basement Authority’s website that is full of useful information for homeowners. They contacted us, and Inspector John Becker Sr. visited them and completed a thorough evaluation at the 37-year-old house.

He observed the visible water damage where the walls and floor meet, as well as the most likely source. These foundation walls also featured horizontal and stair-step cracking patterns. While it is common to see these as homes age and settle, they pose safety hazards. These types of cracks are telltale signs that the foundation wall is failing.

There are a variety of reasons why foundation walls fail, but the most common is hydrostatic pressure. After a home’s foundation is built, soil that was excavated during the construction process is then backfilled. This unstable soil exerts pressure on the wall, which increases as the ground becomes saturated with rain. This hydrostatic pressure takes its toll on the wall and it begins to buckle and crack. These cracks also allow water to seep into the home.

Keeping all of these factors in mind, John proposed a variety of repair methods to the homeowners.


Per John’s recommendations, one of our expert crews, led by Foreman Michael Gramly, installed several permanent basement waterproofing and foundation repair solutions.

To keep the basement dry, the crew installed the BasementGutter interior drainage system in the basement’s sub-floor. Instead of puddling in corners or along the perimeter, seeping water will be intercepted by the BasementGutter system. It is then directed to the SafeDri Prox sump pump and pumped out of the basement and away from the foundation. The SafeDri’s reliable Zoeller 1/3 hp cast iron pump was installed inside the larger SafeDri Triple liner so the homeowners can easily upgrade the system if they choose. A FreezeGuard was also attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line to prevent flooding if the line freezes or becomes blocked.

Wall Anchors were first suggested to address the cracking and bowing walls. But after further review, the shallow grade and unstable soil outside one wall, as well as a buried fuel tank, prompted us to take a different direction. We instead installed five IntelliBrace beams on one foundation wall, and five Carbon Fiber supports on the other. Both of these sturdy products permanently support the walls and prevent any further cracking and bowing. What’s unique about the corrosion-resistant IntelliBrace beams is their ability to be tightened for potential wall improvement.

The owners were happy to have these various solutions installed in their home so now they have peace of mind knowing it will be a more stable living environment free of water for many years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: John Becker Sr.

Products Installed: BasementGutter, SafeDri Prox, FreezeGuard, IntelliBrace, Carbon Fiber


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