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An Unstable and Unhealthy Crawl Space in Columbus, OH, is Corrected by IntelliJacks and CrawlSeal

Tuesday, May 28th, 2019


Would you feel comfortable selling your home to someone if you knew it had structural issues? What if the buyer was your child? Wouldn’t you want to make sure the house would always be safe and stable?

Owners in the German Village area of Columbus, OH, are planning to sell their longtime home to their son, so the health and structural stability of the house is very important to them. They have lived in the home for almost 30 years, and over time they have noticed some areas of the floor were sagging and settling.

It is common for floor joists and girders in the crawl space underneath the house to weaken over the years. Many crawl space environments are not isolated from the earth, so it is easy for moisture and humidity to affect the home’s support system. This is especially true in older homes.

The owners live in a historic neighborhood that is full of older homes, and theirs was built in 1911. The foundation walls in the crawl space and the basement were constructed with stone. It can be difficult to repair homes built with this material. However, Ohio Basement Authority’s team has the knowledge and experience to meet these challenges, and our company has worked in many older homes.

The owners contacted us after they learned more about our company through our informative website. Inspector John Becker Sr. then visited the owners and completed a thorough evaluation at the 104-year-old house. He found an improper support system in the crawl space, including additional shimming with stone, wood, and bricks. The crawl space was full of debris and stone fragments, and evidence of moisture and rot was present in the crawl space and basement.


John then proposed several permanent crawl space repair solutions to the owners. Per John’s recommendations, one of our expert crews, led by Jose de Jesus Tellez Ortiz, completely transformed the crawl space.

After removing the debris from the crawl space, the crew’s first priority was to stabilize the area and its support system for the above floors. Along with new, stronger support beams, a total of seven IntelliJacks were installed. These heavy-duty jacks, comprised of galvanized steel, are designed to stop settling and even raise the floor back to level.

To correct the crawl space’s moisture, the area was completely encapsulated in durable CrawlSeal liner. This liner is tough enough to crawl on, isolates the home from the earth, and acts as a moisture and vapor barrier. ExTremeBloc panels were also placed on the walls to further seal the crawl space as energy-efficient insulation that also benefits the above floors.

The crew addressed the moisture on the basement’s stone foundation walls by applying a wire and parge coat. After wire mesh was added to the wall, a coat of plaster or mortar was then applied. This helps smooth out areas of rough stone and prevents moisture penetration.

The owners were pleased these various repairs were completed to enhance the home’s structural integrity for future generations of owners for many more years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: John Becker Sr.

Products Installed: IntelliJacks, CrawlSeal, ExTremeBloc, Wire and Parge Coat


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