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CrawlSeal, ExTremeBloc, IntelliJacks and Other Products Transform a Nasty Crawl Space in Delaware, OH into a Healthy Stable Area

Monday, November 23rd, 2015 by Holly Richards-Purpura


They never go into their crawl space, but homeowners in Delaware, OH, had a gut feeling something was wrong in this area underneath their house. They have lived in the house for 20 years, and during that time they have noticed a variety of issues.

Some areas of the floor felt soft, out of level and cold in the winter, and musty and damp conditions on upper floors were contributing to health issues like asthma and allergies.

The owners saw a commercial for Ohio Basement Authority that struck a chord with them because it depicted a nasty crawl space. They contacted our company, and one of our crawl space experts, Inspector Brendan Kent, completed a thorough evaluation at the 47-year-old home.

Brendan checked on the exterior conditions, then he ventured into the unhealthy crawl space that was resulting in many problems. He found water, moisture and mold to be prevalent throughout the area, as well as debris, failing insulation and lining, and failing structural supports. The jack posts intended to support the main girder were corroding because of years of exposure to water and moisture. This resulted in wood rot on the girder, as well.

Brendan then presented the homeowners with several permanent repair methods that would keep the crawl space dry and stable.


Per Brendan’s recommendation, one of our expert crews, led by Jose de Jesus Tellez Ortiz, completely transformed the crawl space within one week.

The project began by removing all of the debris and other obstructions. Waterproofing products including the CrawlDrain drainage system and SafeDri Battery Back-Up sump pump system were installed to keep the crawl space dry. If any water seeps into the crawl space, it will be intercepted by the CrawlDrain system and directed to the reliable SafeDri sump pump system. From there, it will be pumped out of the crawl space and away from the home through a discharge line and new downspout conductor lines that were installed on the property.

A powerful, yet energy-efficient dehumidifier was also installed to clean and filter the air, and control humidity and moisture. It will rid the crawl space of these nuisances, creating improved air quality throughout the crawl space and the rest of the house.

Drainage matting was placed on the floor to help direct water to the drainage system, then the entire crawl space was encapsulated in CrawlSeal liner. CrawlSeal, which is similar to pool liner, totally isolates the crawl space from the earth and prevents moisture and vapor intrusion. It helps insulate the crawl space, and also improves its appearance and functionality. ExTremeBloc panels were also installed on the walls to assist with insulation so the above floors will no longer be cold.

The sinking floor was also corrected by new supports in the crawl space. The main girder was replaced, and several IntelliJacks were installed to further support this girder. The IntelliJack columns are galvanized steel, so they will not corrode. Each IntelliJack will hold 30,000 pounds.

The small exterior access point was widened, and a safe and secure access well and door was installed.

All of these products will allow the homeowners to save energy and have a healthier living environment they will be able to enjoy for many more years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Brendan Kent

Products Installed: CrawlSeal, Drainage Matting, ExTremeBloc, CrawlDrain, SafeDri, dehumidifier, IntelliJacks, Access Well


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