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Structural Beam Installation and Crawl Space Encapsulation Projects Create a Safer, Healthier Home in Rockbridge, OH

Wednesday, February 10th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura


It’s been almost 30 years since homeowners built the house of their dreams in Rockbridge, OH. This has been a wonderful home for them, and they never had any structural problems until recently.

After experiencing a rare and minor earthquake in southern Ohio, the owners noticed various cracks in one of the foundation walls. They attempted to repair the wall and fill the cracks themselves, and then closely monitored the wall’s condition. While they were in no imminent danger, the owners wanted to prevent further damage and make sure the cracks would not widen.

The homeowners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after one of our TV commercials struck a chord with them. One of our inspectors then completed a thorough evaluation of the home. Along with the foundation wall cracks, our inspector also noticed issues with the partial crawl space.

While the crawl space access point was open to the basement for convenience, this means the atmosphere inside the crawl space could be affecting the basement and the rest of the home. The dirt and gravel floor was not covered, and the area lacked proper insulation.

Based on his observations and expertise, our inspector proposed the perfect permanent solutions that would meet the homeowners’ needs.


One of our crews then installed some of our reliable foundation repair and crawl space repair products.

To address the cracking foundation wall, the crew installed several structural steel I-Beams. The beams were secured to the floor joists and anchored to the concrete floor. These durable steel beams permanently stabilize the wall in its current position, and prevent further cracking and inward movement.

The crawl space was then transformed into a brighter, healthier and more functional area with a CrawlSeal encapsulation. Similar to pool liner, the thick CrawlSeal liner completely isolates the home environment from the earth. It also helps insulate the crawl space, and acts as a moisture and vapor barrier. Its bright white color instantly improves the appearance of the area, and it is tough enough to crawl on and hold the weight of stored items. The durability of the CrawlSeal liner also is enhanced by the thick drainage matting placed underneath it on the crawl space floor.

The homeowners also were concerned with the quality of the air in the home, so the dehumidifier was installed in the basement. This powerful, yet energy-efficient unit cleans and filters the air, and helps control humidity to prevent mold and moisture issues throughout the home.

The owners now have peace of mind knowing their forever home will be a structurally sound and healthy living environment for many years to come because of these permanent solutions.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: Steel I-Beams, CrawlSeal, Dehumidifier


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