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Permanent Waterproofing Solutions and a Basement Overhaul Help Create a Healthier Home in Marysville, OH

Monday, June 13th, 2016


Maintaining a comfortable and safe living environment is very important to homeowners in Marysville, OH.

After one year of living in their house, the homeowners were concerned with the amount of water in the existing basement waterproofing and sump pump system. They were worried the sump pump would not be able to keep up and lead to potential flooding.

They contacted Ohio Basement Authority because one of their close friends works for our company, and they knew they could trust us for a perfect solution. Inspector Brendan Kent visited them and recommended replacing the older sump pump system.

One of our expert crews upgraded the sump pump system to the reliable SafeDri Triple sump pump, attached FreezeGuards to the exterior sump pump discharge lines, and tied these lines into new downspout conductor lines that also were installed.

While the homeowners were pleased with the SafeDri Triple system, after about one year they began to notice other issues in the basement such as mold. They began to remove the moldy sections of the basement walls and found a host of problems. The 20-year-old home was insulated by placing insulation encased in plastic wrap against the foundation walls, and drywall was then installed over the system. This caused moisture to be trapped between the foundation walls and drywall, and mold began to build up. This was also home to a massive colony of carpenter ants.

Along with working with an exterminator, the homeowners knew they could count on Ohio Basement Authority again to help them permanently address the moisture issues.


Brendan returned to assess the situation, and he recommended additional basement waterproofing products that would create a complete waterproofing solution.

The installation crew finished demolishing and removing the damaged drywall and insulation. Then they installed the BasementGutter interior drainage system in the sub-floor to intercept any seeping water. This system also was directed and tied into the existing SafeDri Triple system. Any water that may seep through the walls will run behind the panels and down to the BasementGutter system below.

The homeowners were again impressed with Ohio Basement Authority, and they now have peace of mind knowing their basement and the rest of their house will be a safer and healthier living environment for many more years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Brendan Kent

Products Installed/Scope of Project: Drywall Demolition and Removal, BasementGutter, SafeDri Triple, FreezeGuard, Downspout Conductor Lines


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