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The Case of the Perplexing Duplex in Grandview Heights, OH

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016


When a bank came to own a 94 year-old duplex in Grandview Heights, OH, due to foreclosure, they were hoping to get it out on the market as soon as possible.

However, the north wall of the basement was leaking a large amount, even after the bank hired another company to mudjack the sidewalk which was sloping downward toward the foundation. Mudjacking is an older method for leveling concrete. It involves drilling a series of holes throughout the slab and pumping a cement slurry, or mud, beneath the concrete to fill the void and attempt to lift the slab.

One of our inspectors said that interior drains were the way to go. The bank representative was reluctant and asked whether sealing the outside of the foundation wall - negative side waterproofing - was a possible fix. Our inspector walked him through this type of waterproofing and the bank representative decided against it. In a way, he answered his own question when he recalled a time the bank had a wall hydro-cemented to plug an area and the water just began seeping from another spot.

Our inspector also suggested adding a sump pump to remove water from the interior drains and pump it out and away from the basement.


The bank representative decided to go with our inspector's recommendations.

The crew first installed the SafeDri Pro X System. This is a system which includes a powerful ⅓ horsepower cast-iron sump pump that is capable of pumping 2,220 gallons of water per hour.

FreezeGuard Discharge Line System was set up to aid the sump pump in the event of freezing. This is an escape route for water from a sump pump if the discharge line freezes or becomes blocked for any reason. It works even if it is buried under a foot of ice and snow!

Then, the crew installed the BasementGutter System - the interior drains. BasementGutter is a piping system created to effectively drain water from a basement without becoming clogged with soil from under the floor. It has large holes on the back and sides to accept water and a special flange to catch water that may run down the walls. The crew also created weep holes in each cement block to keep water from building up behind the walls and allow it to run down and be collected by the BasementGutter flange.

The CrawlSeal Liner was added next. This is a liner used to completely isolate the home from the earth. It is 20 millimeters thick and made of a material similar to a pool liner. It is white, which brightens up the space; antimicrobial; and keeps the basement free of insects, mold, and dirt.

Finally, the crew installed a new buried pipe to allow the water from the downspout and sump pump to travel to a new YardWell Outlet near the street — this ensures that water is released far enough away that it does not roll downward and back toward the house.

The bank can rest assured that these reliable repairs will keep the new duplex owners dry, safe, and healthy.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: CrawlSeal Liner, YardWell Outlet, FreezeGuard, SafeDri Pro, BasementGutter


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