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When Mine Water Takes Over a Pomeroy, OH, Home

Thursday, September 15th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura


When a homeowner, living and working out of his property in Pomeroy, OH, noticed that flooding from a nearby mine was causing excessive mold in his basement and winter icing, he knew something needed to be done. The mine is uphill behind the home and this caused the water to run down into the basement. The icing was causing a safety hazard for the owner and those visiting his first floor business. Mold growth as a result of flooding also was a major health concern.

Because the damage was the result of natural causes, a state department agreed to pay for the repairs — but who would be the installing contractor? The owner and the state department received multiple estimates and decided that Ohio Basement Authority was the best choice. The project engineer, chosen by the department in charge, established a basic waterproofing plan, and one of our inspectors determined which of our specialty solutions would be installed.


Before beginning to waterproof, we first called a select team to remove all of the mold from the walls.

Then, our installation crew lined the problematic wall with CrawlSeal Liner. This is a material similar to a pool liner which is designed to keep a basement separate from the outside elements. It is a system typically used for crawl spaces, but it is specifically designed to keep out moisture — allowing any water to run behind the liner and into the drains below — and it is antimicrobial, which would help create a healthier environment.

Next, a new crew installed BasementGutter IOS. BasementGutter is an interior drainage system with holes on all sides to catch water from any angle, and carrying it out through the sump pump system. IOS is the Iron Ochre version of BasementGutter, which is specially designed for iron-rich environments. It has a removable top to allow for cleaning to prevent clogs from the thick, slimy iron-rich water.

Finally, the crew created concrete gutters around the hill side of the home to direct water into storm drains near the street. This will keep a lot of the water from running into the basement.

The home and business owner can now live and work in his home worry-free knowing that these waterproofing techniques will keep his home safe, healthy, and dry.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed/Project Scope: CrawlSeal Liner, BasementGutter IOS


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