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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Ashville, OH

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018


Homeowners in Ashville, OH, had a utility company come in to run some lines into their 86-year-old home. He alerted them that one area of the house had crumbled from rot. The homeowners called us because of this and because they could see into the crawl space from a hole in the wall. They were also interested in getting the crawl space encapsulated and waterproofed.

One of our inspectors visited the home and noticed that the sill and band board were rotted and needed to be replaced. These parts are essentially the frame that is supporting the foundation. There was also a hollow cinder block exposed and dirt was washing into the crawl space through that hole. Our inspector recommended removing and replacing the wooden support beams and plugging the hollow block.

To address the homeowners' other inquiry, our inspector suggested using CrawlSeal Liner to encapsulate the crawl space. For added waterproofing in this space, he explained the CrawlDrain System, SafeDri Pro, and drainage matting.


The homeowners decided to have all of our inspector's recommendations installed.

The installation crew, led by Foreman Manuel Inguil, first removed all of the insulation and other debris littering the crawl space. Then, they laid down drainage matting, which will provide extra cushioning and insulation, and allow water to run under it and into the drainage system.

Speaking of, the crew installed the CrawlDrain System next. This is a clog-resistant interior drain system which will collect any water from the floor or the walls and allow it to travel to the sump pump.

This drain will run off into the new SafeDri Pro System that the crew installed next. Since one of the homeowners was a plumber, we simply dug the pit and placed the liner inside — the homeowner wanted to install the rest on his own. This sump pump is specially designed for crawl spaces with a two-piece airtight lid for easy access, and so the water will not evaporate back into the air.

After that, it was time to install the CrawlSeal Liner. This is a material typically 20 millimeters thick and made up of seven layers. It is used to completely separate the crawl space from outside elements.

Finally, the crew removed and replaced the rotting wooden support beams.

These homeowners are content knowing that their crawl space will no longer rot from water exposure and their foundation will stay safe and supported.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Manuel Inguil

Products Installed/Project Scope: CrawlDrain, CrawlSeal Liner, Drainage matting, SafeDri Pro, wood beam support


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