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Waterproofing in Washington Court House, OH

Monday, September 26th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura


A homeowner in Washington Court House, OH, began noticing a lot of moisture and water in the basement of her 28-year-old home. When generic dehumidifier didn’t do the trick, she called Ohio Basement Authority in for a different solution.

One of our certified inspectors visited this homeowner and inspected the situation. He suggested installing CrawlSeal Liner around the basement, adding a SafeDri Pro X and SafeDri Backup, and putting BasementGutter around the perimeter.


The homeowner chose to have all of the recommendations installed.

The installation crew, led by foreman Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz, first installed the SafeDri ProX System which included an SafeDri battery backup. The SafeDri ProX includes a powerful ⅓ horsepower cast-iron sump pump which is capable of pumping 2,200 gallons of water per hour out of a basement. The SafeDri is a battery backup which keeps the sump pump running if it fails for any reason (e.g. electricity outage).

Then, they installed BasementGutter which is an interior drainage system specially designed not to clog. While may other interior drains become clogged with dirt and sediment from under the floor, BasementGutter will not. It also has holes on all sides to collect water from any direction, and a flange which accepts water that runs down the walls. The crew also drilled weep holes in each concrete wall block to allow any water built up behind the wall to run down into the drainage system.

Finally, they installed CrawlSeal Liner to isolate the basement from outside elements. This is a plastic liner which is 20 millimeters thick and completely encapsulates the area — this keeps out moisture, critters, and microbes. Not only does it protect your crawl space and basement, but it also transforms a once-grimey space into a useable one. It also allows water from the walls to run behind the plastic and into the BasementGutter system below.

The homeowner is happy with the waterproofing systems we installed in her home. She no longer has worries about basement flooding, and her home is a healthier one!

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz

Products Installed/Project Scope: CrawlSeal Liner, SafeDri Backup, SafeDri ProX, BasementGutter


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