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Extremely Wet Crawl Space Fixed in Lakeview, OH

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura


A customer in Lakeview, OH, emailed us with concerns about her extremely wet crawl space. She said that the downstairs of her home would not heat despite having nothing wrong with the furnace — the floors felt like ice! She asked how we could help her.

One of our certified inspectors visited the homeowner and assessed the problems. He explained several waterproofing solutions.


The homeowner decided to go with SafeDri Pro, CrawlDrain, vent covers, and spray foam.

The installation crew, led by foreman Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz, came in and first installed the SafeDri Pro pump system with liner, cast iron pump, CleanPump Stand, airtight lid with airtight floor drain and an alarm system. All of these inclusions work together to make it a very safe, reliable sump pump system.

Then, they covered all of the vents with vent covers. Vents in a crawl space may seem like a good idea to remove mustiness and dampness, but they allow bugs to crawl in, and if it rains, they whole area will become even mustier and damp.

Next, they installed CrawlDrain. This is a custom crawl space drainage system which includes holes on the top and front to accept water from the soil and surface of your crawl space. A special wall flange collects water from the crawl space walls and the footing/wall joint.

Finally, they sprayed foam insulation around the band joists of the crawl space ceiling. These are the supports at joints in the ceiling which are most likely to let in outside air.

The homeowner will be much warmer this winter with her isolated and waterproofing crawl space.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz

Products Installed: SafeDri Pro, vent covers, CrawlDrain, spray foam


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