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Wet & Sagging Crawl Space in Saint Paris, OH is Repaired

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016


A lady in Saint Paris, OH called us with concerns about a wet crawl space (especially after rains), and sagging/uneven floors in her living space. She had only been living in the home for a couple of years, so she wanted to repair the crawl space for many years to come.

One of our certified inspectors visited the home to explore the crawl space and the options for repairing it.


The homeowner decided to go with CrawlDrain, CrawlSeal Liner, dehumidifier, SafeDri Pro, and IntelliJacks.

The production crew, led by foreman Michael Gramly, first installed eight IntelliJack supports to uphold the floor joist system above. These are steel supports that "jack" up the girders and floor joists in a crawl space which constitute the floor of the room above.

Then, they put in theĀ SafeDri Pro pump system with liner, cast iron pump, airtight lid with airtight floor drain, and alarm system. The cast-iron pump can remove about 2,200 gallons of water per hour; the pump stand prevents it from touching the bottom of the liner and getting debris in the pump; the airtight lid prevents dirt from the basement floor from getting into the pump; and the alarm alerts the homeowner if the pump is in danger of overflow for any reason.

Next, they installed CrawlDrain in the crawl space. This is an interior drainage system designed especially for crawl spaces. It has holes on the top and front and lies under a filter fabric to accept water from the soil and the surface of the crawl space. This water will drain into the SafeDri Pro.

Fourth, they set up the Basement Air System. This will eliminate damp, musty odors by drying and filtering the air. The dehumidifier was devised especially for small, short crawl space environments.

Finally, they installed the CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation system. This is a 7-layer, 20-millimeter-thick reinforced antimicrobial plastic material designed to keep dirt, pests, and moisture out of the crawl space. Drainage matting was laid down under this liner to allow water to run under it and into the SafeDri Pro system.

The homeowner is very happy with the results and no longer has to worry about a wet crawl space or sagging floors.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Michael Gramly

Products Installed: CrawlDrain, CrawlSeal Liner, dehumidifier, SafeDri Pro, IntelliJack


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