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Waterproofing Basement in Millersport, OH

Friday, October 14th, 2016 by Abby Hanson


A previous customer approached us with alarm about water seeping through the block walls in his basement. He built the home in 1980, and had been experiencing this problem for a while — only, recently it had become worse. The family did laundry in the basement, so one of the main concerns (next to being exposed to mold down there) was moisture and unsavory mildew odors getting into their clothing.

One of our inspectors visited this home to have a look at the predicament. He outlined the waterproofing products we offer and how they could be used to efficiently waterproof the space.


The homeowner resolved to have SafeDri Prox with a SafeDri battery backup, a dehumidifier, and BasementGutter installed.

The installation crew first installed the SafeDri Prox pump system. This is a super-powered 1/2 horsepower cast-iron sump pump which is capable of pumping 2,200 gallons per hour out of the basement. They also attached the SafeDri battery backup which keeps the pump working even if the power goes out.

Then, they set up the Basement Air System. While this is a dehumidifier, it is a very unique system which both dries and filters the air. It also removes 10 times the amount of water from the air as a normal dehumidifier, while using the same amount of energy.

Finally, they installed BasementGutter interior drainage. These are drains that are placed directly onto the concrete footer of the basement under the floor. It is a French drain system that does not clog from dirt under the floor because it does not sit on top of the soil.

The homeowner no longer has to worry about water leaking through the basement, and it has been transformed into a usable space.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: SafeDri Prox with an SafeDri battery backup, BasementGutter, dehumidifier


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