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Basement Waterproofing in Lithopolis, OH

Monday, October 17th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura


A homeowner in Lithopolis, OH, contacted us because water was leaking through his basement walls during heavy rains. Fixing the problem had been on his to-do list for a few years, but enough was enough when the basement recently flooded with two inches of water. Mold also was beginning to form on the walls and concrete floor.

One of our certified inspectors visited the home for a free inspection and estimate. He laid out all of the waterproofing and repair options and discussed how each product would work to fix this homeowner's problems. He also explained that the water was leaking through cracks in the walls because of foundation issues, so repairing that would be a priority as well.


The homeowner plans on living in the home for a while, so he chose a variety of products to ensure that his basement stays dry all the time and to stabilize his foundation walls. These products were SafeDri Triple sump, FreezeGuard, YardWell, dehumidifier, BasementGutter, drainage pipe, and Carbon Fiber.

The production crew came in and first installed the SafeDri Triple sump pump, which is super-powered system that includes two liners with one 1/3 horsepower cast iron pump and a backup 1/2 horsepower pump. It also includes an SafeDri battery backup which keeps it working in the event of a power outage.

Then, they installed new discharge lines to give the sump somewhere to pump the water. To prevent complications in the wintertime, they attached FreezeGuard to this line. This allows water to escape even if the pipe is frozen or buried under a foot or ice and snow. They also placed a YardWell Outlet at the end of the pipe to camouflage it, eliminate tripping hazards and preventing the pipe from becoming clogged with leaves and debris.

Next, they set up the Basement Air System. This is a high-tech dehumidifier which both dries and filters the air.

After that, the crew removed a small amount of concrete around the perimeter and nestled BasementGutter drains in the created space. This system is specially designed not to clog from mud under the floor as traditional pipe and gravel systems do. They collect water from under the floor, on top of the floor, and from the walls. The concrete was replaced after the installation.

They also installed a drainage pipe at the base of the steps down into the basement. This will prevent leakage from the garage down the steps and into the basement. The drain is designed to fit snugly to the ground in order to prevent tripping.

Finally, Carbon Fiber was adhered to the leaking walls to stabilize them and prevent further cracks and failure. This is a very strong material that is highly resistant to breaking or stretching under tension. It can be used to support walls and keep them from bowing inward.

The homeowner could not be happier with the results of these basement repairs, and he is excited to live in this home for years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: SafeDri Triple sump, FreezeGuard, YardWell, dehumidifier, BasementGutter, drainage pipe, and Carbon Fiber


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