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Repairing Structural Damage in an Apartment Complex in New Lexington, OH

Friday, December 9th, 2016 by Holly Richards-Purpura


The owner of a 7-building apartment complex in New Lexington, OH, called us about structural issues in the crawl space of each building.

Upon climbing into the crawl spaces, one of our inspectors never saw cracks that showed deflection or foundation settlement. The real issue that was disguised as foundation settlement was a rotted window sill frame and high moisture due to the crawl space vents. Also, the floor joists under the kitchen of northwest apartment were sagging. There were wood 4' x 4' supports that were installed before the current owner made the purchase, but no one ever questioned why they were there and no other tenants had complained about unlevel floors until a new one recently moved in. The affected side of the structure gets hit with rain, too, which was indicated by vents letting water in. The vents caused stains on the walls, and sediment had also washed in and piled up.

Our inspector suggested several waterproofing, crawl space and structural repair products. However, since the owner had seven crawl spaces to fix, he couldn't afford the entire work-up, so he opted to have IntelliJacks and replacement support beams installed. This would fix any immediate structural concerns, and he would have the waterproofing project completed when he was financially able to.


Two of our expert production crews used supplemental beams and IntelliJacks to add support to the floor joist system. The IntelliJack steel supports were installed on top of a newly poured footer to disperse the weight carried by the system. They also replaced the broken floor joists using 2' x 8' treated lumber, and placed new boards on each side with staggered fasteners.

The owner and tenants are happy that the floors are no longer uneven. However, there are several waterproofing repairs that need to be done to prevent more water damage. Nevertheless, all impending structural failure has been reliably abated.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: IntelliJack, supplemental support beams


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