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Mending Water Leakage and Structural Issues in Lucasville, OH

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016


No one wants to find non-disclosed or surprise damages in a home they recently purchased and moved into. However, for a new homeowner in Lucasville, OH, that's just what happened. Immediately after moving into his new home, he discovered that the basement flooded — everywhere. After rains, there was standing water and it continued to leak at a lesser, but still noticeable, rate the rest of the time. This caused a lot of mold on the walls that had been previously hidden. The seller did not disclose any water issues at the time of sale.

In addition to all of this, the homeowner also discovered that the previous owner had taken the air conditioning unit, and leased 4 of the 5 property acres to a soy farmer! Needless to say, the new homeowner was upset. So, since he had already made the purchase and needed a safe and healthy place to live, he called us to schedule a free inspection and estimate.

Certified Inspector Brendan Kent assessed the home's problems and determined that several waterproofing and structural repairs needed to be made to correct these issues.


The homeowner and Brendan discussed the options and agreed to have a dehumidifier, SafeDri Triple, BasementGutter, carbon fiber, and a new water discharge pipe installed.

A proficient installation crew then came to the home to begin installing these products. First, they set up the Basement Air System. This is a vigorous dehumidifying system that uses the same amount of energy as a generic dehumidifier, but removes ten times the amount of water! It also filters the air before releasing it back into the home.

Next, they dug the pit for the new SafeDri Triple sump pump. This is a foolproof system which includes three pumps - one with 1/3 horsepower, one with 1/2 horsepower, and an emergency battery backup pump which can pump 12,000 gallons of water on a single charge. The SafeDri Triple system will make sure the basement is dry no matter what the conditions are.

Then, they installed the BasementGutter sub-floor drainage system. This is a progression of drains which sit on the concrete footer just below the basement floor. The drains have holes on the sides and a flange that rests against the wall to collect water from the floor, ground, and walls. They are installed at an angle to make sure the water can flow into the sump pump system and be pumped out.

After that, they adhered carbon fiber straps to the walls to stabilize them. They had begun to shift and crack due to foundation settlement, and carbon fiber is such a strong material that it will prevent them from moving further.

Finally, the crew took their equipment outside and dug a channel in which they could place the new discharge pipe. This polyethylene pipe will carry water from both the downspout discharge line and the sump pump discharge line away from the home and into the street.

The new homeowner is pleased with the work we accomplished for him. While he was originally disappointed with his purchase, he can now enjoy his new, dry home.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Brendan Kent

Products Installed: Dehumidifier, SafeDri Triple, BasementGutter, carbon fiber, polyethylene pipe


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