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Helical Pier Installation in Mount Gilead, OH

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


The homeowners of a vacation lake house in Mount Gilead, OH, hoped to move into it for good in the near future. However, they were concerned about a crack that had gotten worse since purchasing it. They worried that the crack would only get worse, and they were not keen on their home tumbling into the ravine below.

When having the crack sealed didn't do the trick, they searched the Internet for an answer. After discovering our website, they called and set up a free inspection and estimate with one of our inspectors.

At the scheduled time, our inspector arrived at the lake house and surveyed the cracked wall. He resolved that Helical Piers could be used to permanently repair the crack in the wall, which was part of a bigger problem — foundation settlement.


A proficient production crew, led by Drew Black, came in and installed four Helical Piers from the interior of the home.

First, concrete and soil was removed from the area where the Helical Piers were to be installed. Helical Piers were then mechanically advanced into the soil. After the appropriate depth was reached, heavy-duty steel foundation brackets were positioned below and against the foundation footing to hold them in place and allow for lifting. The weight of the home was then transferred through the Helical Piers to deep, competent soil and bedrock. This stabilized it and lifted it toward its original position.

Now, the owners of the lake house are much more at ease about moving into their future full-time home.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Foreman: Drew Black

Products Installed: Helical Piers


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