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Encapsulation with CrawlSeal Transforms a Nasty Crawl Space in London, OH

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


After falling in love with a house at the edge of town, a new homeowner was excited to move into her house in London, OH,. However, after living there for only a few months, she began to notice potential health and safety issues with the home.

The owner ventured into the crawl space and found a very nasty area. The previous owner neglected to inform her of the extremely wet crawl space that also had failing, moldy insulation and other debris strewn about.

Water can seep into a crawl space through a variety of means, but open vents are the most common culprit. This was indeed the case with this crawl space. As water saturated the crawl space and puddle on the dirt and gravel floor, it created other problems. The presence of water and moisture can affect the air quality and humidity, thus causing the existing fiberglass insulation to droop from the ceiling and walls and begin to grow mold. The existing sump pump also was obviously failing.

This shocked the homeowner, and she wanted to address these problems right away. She began to research ways to best repair the nasty crawl space, as well as contractors who could aid in her quest. She was eager to contact Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company through our website. After she met with John Dean, one of our highly trained inspectors, the homeowner was equally excited for us to help her rid her home of the unhealthy space once and for all.


After pumping the puddling water out of the crawl space and removing the failing insulation and debris, one of our experienced crews, led by Foreman Jose de Jesus Tellez Ortiz, got to work to transform the area into a healthy and functional space.

To waterproof the crawl space, we installed the CrawlDrain drainage system and SafeDri Pro sump pump. Any seeping water will be intercepted by the CrawlDrain system and directed to the reliable SafeDri Pro. From there, the water is pumped out of the crawl space and away from the home’s foundation. A FreezeGuard was attached to the exterior sump pump discharge line, and this line was tied into new downspout conductor lines that were installed on the property. One led to a culvert at the edge of the property, and two others were directed to drain into other sides of the yard. YardWell outlets were attached to the ends of the latter lines.

We also encapsulated the crawl space in CrawlSeal liner. This thick and durable liner completely isolates the crawl space environment from the earth, and it acts as a moisture and vapor barrier. It also helps insulate the crawl space. We further insulated the crawl space by applying spray foam insulation to the band joists. Exterior vent covers were installed to prevent any intrusion of water, pests or other nuisances. The dehumidifier was installed to help control the humidity and reduce odors in the crawl space area that also could affect the air quality of the rest of the house.

The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing these reliable repairs have helped her create a safer and healthier living environment that she can enjoy for many more years to come.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: John Dean

Project Foreman: Jose De Jesus Tellez Ortiz

Installed Products: CrawlSeal, CrawlDrain, SafeDri Pro, Dehumidifier, Vent Covers, Spray Foam, FreezeGuards, YardWell, Downspout Conductor LInes


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