Stabilizing Failing Foundation Walls in Baltimore, OH, With Wall Anchors and Carbon Fiber Supports

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


Maintaining a safe living environment is often top of mind for homeowners. That’s why it can be alarming to see cracks in the foundation walls.

Homeowners in Baltimore, OH, have lived in their house since it was built almost 40 years ago. During the last year, they have noticed various cracks in the foundation walls getting worse. Some portions of the walls had what appeared to be cracks in stair-step patterns. Others had horizontal cracks accompanied by inward tilting.

These are telltale signs of foundation wall failure that will only worsen the longer they are neglected. This could result in significant safety hazards that will be costly to repair. All of these factors greatly concerned the homeowners who plan to hand the house down to their daughter.

The homeowners previously had foundation piers installed underneath a home addition, but they were not sure how they should properly address these newer issues. After seeing TV commercials for Ohio Basement Authority, the homeowners were motivated to contact us for assistance. They met with one of our inspectors, and he presented the homeowners with some of our reliable foundation repair solutions after completing a thorough evaluation of the home’s problematic foundation walls.


One of our crews then installed several Wall Anchors and Carbon Fiber supports on the walls. Both of these solutions permanently stabilize the walls where they were installed and prevent additional cracking or inward bowing.

The Wall Anchors were installed on the walls that had more severe cracking. Made of galvanized steel, the heavy-duty wall anchors offer the best opportunity to straighten the walls. Their unique design also allows them to be tightened for wall improvement.

The Carbon Fiber supports were placed on the less severe walls to shore them up and protect them from future damage.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: Wall Anchors, Carbon Fiber Supports

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