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Ohio Basement Authority Case Studies: Sewer Line Replacement on a College Campus in Columbus, OH

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


When the maintenance manager at a local college campus in Columbus, OH, noticed a problem with the sewer line serving a portion of the campus, he did not hesitate to take steps to address it. He had a camera investigation completed, revealing the existing clay tile sewer pipes from the maintenance building to a manhole had broken and been clogged for quite some time.

Clay pipes can fail, crack, rot and erode due to a variety of causes including ground settlement and tree root intrusion.

After researching how to best fix the sewer line, the maintenance manager learned more about Ohio Basement Authority online and decided to contact us for assistance. He met with Inspector Victor Golowin who further assessed the sewer line situation and encouraged him to have one of our expert crews out to replace the line.

The maintenance manager was concerned with the job site being on a steep hill, but Victor assured him our expert crew could properly handle it.


Field Supervisor Adam Kuhns led the crew in this sewer line repair and replacement project.

An excavator was used to clear brush out of the way, gain access to the manhole area and job site, and dig up the earth and asphalt to reach the sewer line. The failing clay pipes were removed and replaced with stronger and more durable SDR 35 plastic sewer pipes.

After the new sections of pipe were installed, the project had to pass an inspection by the City of Columbus. Once this process was completed, the area was backfilled with flash fill, a fast settling flowable backfill material. The asphalt also was repaired.

The maintenance manager is pleased to have a new, updated, and more reliable sewer line system serving his building on campus.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Certified Inspector: Victor Golowin

Project Foreman: Adam Kuhns

Products Installed: Sewer Line


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