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Stabilizing a Settling Foundation in Worthington, OH

Monday, June 5th, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


After living in their house for almost 20 years, homeowners in Worthington, OH, began to notice potential structural problems with the home. Some cracks in the foundation walls were visible on the home’s exterior. Daylight could also be seen through the same cracks in the crawl space.

These problems only continued to worsen, and the homeowners were concerned with the safety and stability of their home. They began to research how to best address these issues, and they contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company through online resources like Angie’s List. They met with one of our inspectors who completed a thorough evaluation of the home and its foundation issues. He found the one cracking wall to be slightly settling, and he presented the homeowners with our reliable foundation repair solutions.


One of our crews then stabilized the home with two types of products that will permanently stabilize the foundation walls.

Six Push Piers were installed underneath the sections of settling foundation. Once crew members dug down to expose the foundation’s footing, heavy-duty steel brackets were secured. Rugged steel tubes were driven through the brackets to competent soils. The weight of the home was then transferred through the piers to load-bearing strata. This ensures no further settlement will occur, and the home can be lifted back to level.

IntelliBrace beams also were installed on the problematic foundation wall in the crawl space. These steel beams are fastened and secured to the floor joists. The beams are then plumbed against the wall as level as possible, and the bottom of the beams are anchored to the floor. These heavy-duty beams are zinc-plated so they are protected from corrosion and damage. Another unique feature with this system is the ability to tighten the beams to potentially improve and straighten the wall over time.

The homeowners were pleased these trustworthy repairs were completed so they can now have a safe and structurally sound living environment.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: Push Piers, IntelliBrace Beams


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