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Fixing and Protecting a Problematic Foundation Wall in Grove City, OH

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


After renting out a property they have owned for several years, homeowners in Grove City, OH, were starting to think about permanently selling the home in the near future. Since they purchased the house, the owners noticed potential structural issues in the basement. One of the foundation walls was slightly cracking, and some areas appeared to be tilting inward.

These are common signs of wall failure, which can be caused by a number of reasons, but they will only continue to worsen as time goes on and result in safety hazards and costly repairs. The owners wanted to have these problems fixed once and for all, so they started to research how to best address these issues.

They were eager to contact Ohio Basement Authority after learning about our company online. They met with one of our inspectors who evaluated the condition of the walls. He then recommended one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions, which the owners expressed great interest in.


Foreman Michael Gramly then led his crew in installing several Wall Anchors on the cracking, tilting wall.

First, the crew carefully augured holes in the yard for the earth anchors that are part of the system. Small holes were then drilled through the basement walls, and galvanized steel rods wee driven out. Earth anchors were then installed and attached to the rods. Once the earth anchors are attached to the exterior portions of the rods, interior wall plates are attached to seat the earth anchor.

These heavy-duty anchors permanently stabilize the wall and offer the best opportunity to straighten the wall because of their unique design.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing the home will be a safer and structurally stable living environment for future owners because of this reliable repair solution.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Project Foreman: Michael Gramly

Products Installed: Wall Anchors


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