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Stabilizing Cracking, Tilting Foundation Walls in Caldwell, OH

Monday, August 14th, 2017 by Holly Richards-Purpura


During the more than 20 years that they have lived in their house, homeowners in Caldwell, OH, have witnessed structural issues only getting worse over time. Two of their foundation walls were cracking – some areas more severely than others – and sections appeared to be tilting inward.

These are common signs of foundation wall failure, but they will only continue to worsen and will result in safety hazards and costly repairs. The owners were motivated to address these problems once and for all, so they started to look into how to fix them.

The homeowners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after seeing our TV ads, and they were eager to meet with one of our inspectors to learn more about how we could help them. One of our inspectors assessed the condition of the home and its foundation, including the problematic walls. He then presented the homeowners with one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions.


One of our crews then installed several Channel Anchors.

First, holes were carefully augured in the yard for the earth anchors that are part of the system. Small holes were then drilled through the basement walls. Galvanized steel rods were driven out and earth anchors were installed and attached to the rods. Once the earth anchors were attached to the exterior portions of the rods, wall plates were attached to seat the earth anchors.

These anchors permanently stabilize the walls, prevent any further cracking or inward bowing, and offer the best opportunity to straighten the walls. They can be adjusted at intervals for potential wall improvement. The vertical anchors also are bolted to the floor for additional support, and are ideal for walls with cracking and bowing near the top of the walls.

The homeowners can rest easier knowing this trustworthy solution has helped them create a safer forever home.

Project Summary

Installing Contractor: Ohio Basement Authority

Products Installed: Channel Anchors


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