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Photo Album: A Failing Retaining Wall is Permanently Stabilized by Wall Anchors and a Helical Pier in Fredericktown, OH

Album Description

After living in their house for 26 years, homeowners in Fredericktown, OH, were beginning to become concerned with an exterior retaining wall. This wall adjacent to their garage was starting to crack and bow outward.

It is common for retaining walls to fail over time, most commonly because of poor construction or soil issues like constant hydrostatic pressure. Not only do these problems affect the wall’s appearance, it can lead to dangerous safety hazards.

The homeowners were worried the retaining wall could fail completely and collapse, thus affecting the structural stability of the rest of their house. Hoping to find a permanent solution, they contacted Ohio Basement Authority.

We then installed a Helical Pier underneath the retaining wall, as well as two Wall Anchors on this wall. Both of these reliable galvanized steel products permanently stabilize and straighten the wall, as well as prevent future settlement, cracking or bowing.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing their home’s structural stability has been enhanced by this foundation repair project.

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  • This retaining wall is failing.
  • This is a closer look at the damaged retaining wall.
  • The retaining wall repair project begins.
  • The retaining wall is leveled.
  • The retaining wall is further stabilized.
  • The retaining wall is now structurally sound.

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