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Photo Album: Duplex Waterproofing in Grandview Heights, OH

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When a 94 year-old duplex in Grandview Heights, OH, fell into the hands of a bank after foreclosure, they wanted to sell it as quickly as possible. However, there was a lot of water leakage from the north wall to the basement.

One of our inspectors suggested BasementGutter (interior drains) and a new sump pump to fix the problem. The bank representative chose to go with these recommendations, and the crew began working.

The crew first installed the SafeDri Prox System. This powerful system was connected to the FreezeGuard Discharge Line System to keep it working in the event of freezing. FreezeGuard is an escape route for water from a sump pump if the discharge line freezes or becomes blocked for any reason.

Then, the crew installed the BasementGutter System. BasementGutter is an interior drain piping system engineered to effectively drain water from a basement without becoming clogged with soil from under the floor.

The CrawlSeal Liner was added next. This is a liner used to completely separate the leaking wall from the outside elements.

Finally, the crew installed a YardWell Outlet near the street; a buried pipe leads from the sump pump line and downspout to ensure that water is released far enough away that it does not roll back toward the house.

The bank can rest assured that these reliable repairs will keep the new duplex owners dry, safe, and healthy.

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  • Water Leakage from North Wall
  • Water Damage Spreads Throughout Basement
  • Water and Foundation Damage
  • BasementGutter Prevents Further Damage
  • Installed SafeDri Pro<sup>x</sup> System
  • Buried Downspout Pipe
  • Stairway of Possiblity

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