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Photo Album: Anchors Stabilize a Failing Wall in Marietta, OH

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When potential home buyers saw the cracked and bowing walls of a home in Marietta, OH, they expressed their concerns to the current homeowner. He called Ohio Basement Authority to repair the failing foundation in order to sell the house.

We first applied carbon fiber straps along the three less-effected walls to strengthen them and prevent future failure. Carbon fiber is a very strong material that is nearly impossible to bend or stretch.

Then, the crew installed two versions of the Anchor System along the other wall, which was causing most of the problem. The first was one Channel Anchor. This is a steel column attached to the foundation floor and the wall to correct cracks and bowing that occur toward the bottom of the wall.

Second, we installed four Foundation Wall Anchors along the rest of the wall. These are steel anchors which are embedded into hard-packed, untouched soil outside of the foundation wall. These anchors are attached to the wall with galvanized steel rods which are tightened to pull the foundation back into place.

These reliable repairs have eased the homeowner’s and potential home buyers’ concerns and worries.

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  • Wall Before Repair
  • Cracks in Bathroom
  • Shifted Bricks Outside Home
  • Channel Anchor
  • Galvanized Steel Rod
  • Anchor in Virgin Soil

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