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Photo Album: Foundation Stabilization with Push Piers in Athens, OH

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A homeowner moved into his Athens, OH, home in 2015. After a home inspection, it came to his attention that there were a lot of cracks in the foundation and drywall. He had a repairman come out and "fix" these problems, but the cracks just ended up re-opening soon after.

He discovered our Angie's List page and reviews, and decided to call to set up a free inspection and estimate.

One of our inspectors visited the home and determined that Push Piers could be used to repair this problem for good. The home's foundation was settling because the soil could no longer support its weight, so it was not a matter of just sealing cracks.

A production crew, led by Foreman Drew Black, arrived and installed seven push piers. These are made of steel and are driven deep into the soil to bedrock or another stable soil layer. They were installed on the outside of the home and can lift the home back toward its original position. This closed cracks and improved the operation of the doors and windows, which had previously been sticking.

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  • Outside Foundation Crack
  • Inside Crack
  • Big Mess, Big Results
  • Push Pier Installation
  • Another Push Pier
  • The wall is now stable.

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