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Photo Album: Transforming a Nasty Crawl Space in Saint Paris, OH

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A homeowner in Saint Paris, OH, contacted Ohio Basement Authority because she was worried about areas of the floor that were sagging. She had only lived in the house for two years, and she was concerned these issues would worsen over time.

After meeting with one of our experienced inspectors, she was surprised to learn about the additional problems with her house. The main floor beam in the crawl space was beginning to sag, thus causing the above floor to sag. Along with this structural issue, the vented crawl space let outside air, precipitation and pests into the crawl space. This is a perfect mixture for a nasty, unhealthy crawl space and home.

We transformed the crawl space by installing several IntelliJacks to stabilize the above floor, waterproofing the area with the CrawlDrain drainage system and two SafeDri sump pumps, and encapsulating the crawl space in CrawlSeal liner. A dehumidifier also was installed to control humidity and reduce odors.

All of these reliable products work together to create a healthy crawl space, as well as home above, which gave the homeowner peace of mind.

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  • There are structural and health issues in the crawl space.
  • This open vent is a source of problems for the crawl space.
  • The crawl space repair project begins.
  • This is a healthy and stable crawl space.
  • Here is another view of the dramatically changed crawl space.

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