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Photo Album: Permanently Waterproofing a Leaking Basement in Utica, OH

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Homeowners in Utica, OH, have lived in their house since it was built 23 years ago. Recently, however, they began to investigate the process of selling their home. Before putting their house on the market, the owners knew they needed to address various repair projects. Among them was their leaking basement.

During the last year, the owners have noticed water seeping inside during periods of heavy rain. This didn’t result in any major flooding or damage, but the homeowners were concerned the seeping water could affect the living environment for the next owners, as well as their ability to sell the house.

The homeowners were motivated to contact Ohio Basement Authority after seeing one of our TV ads. After meeting with one of our experienced inspectors, they were equally eager for us to install some of our reliable basement waterproofing products.

These included the BasementGutter and grated drainage systems and SafeDri Triple sump pump. If any water seeps into the basement through the walls or cove where the walls and floor meet, the BasementGutter system will catch it. The grated drainage pipe serves the same purpose in front of the walk-out access door. The seeping water is then directed to the “king of sump pumps,” the SafeDri Triple system. Along with three powerful pumps inside the liner, the SafeDri Triple system also features an external backup battery. This ensures the system will always work to pump seeping water out of the house, even in the event of a power outage.

FreezeGuards were attached to the exterior sump pump discharge lines to allow water to continue to escape the discharge lines should they freeze or become blocked. This also prevents water from the discharge lines ending back up in the basement.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing their home will be a safe, healthy, and dry living environment for the next owners.

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  • Water intrusion is evident.
  • Additional evidence of a leaking basement.
  • Protecting the perimeter with BasementGutter.
  • Drainage that covers all the bases.
  • The SafeDri Triple offers triple the protection.
  • Additional exterior waterproofing protection.

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