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Photo Album: Stabilizing and Leveling Settling Foundation, Porch in Sunbury, OH

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Seeing a home’s foundation crack and settle can be alarming to homeowners. This was the case with a homeowner in Sunbury, OH, who has lived in her house since it was built 13 years ago. During the last few months, she has noticed problems with her foundation, including cracks in the wall, getting worse. The porch also had settling concrete slabs in the same area.

Concerned with her home’s structural stability, the homeowner was motivated to fix these issues for good. She contacted Ohio Basement Authority after seeing Ohio Basement Authority's TV ads, and she was eager to meet with one of our inspectors. After assessing the condition of the foundation walls and porch, our inspector recommended two of our many reliable repair methods.

First, one of our crews excavated the earth, digging down to the foundation’s footer. We then installed four Helical Piers underneath the settling areas of the foundation. These heavy-duty, galvanized steel piers permanently stabilize the foundation where they were installed, and they offer the best opportunity to raise the structure back to level.

Another crew then lifted, leveled and stabilized the concrete porch slabs with the PolyRenewal System. This involved injecting high-density polyurethane underneath the concrete trough very small, minimally invasive holes. The material expands to fill any voids, and this allows for the precise lifting and leveling of the slabs. PolyRenewal is lightweight, yet durable. It will not wash out from underneath the concrete, and its quick cure time allows for normal traffic to resume just 15 minutes after installation.

The homeowner now has peace of mind knowing these reliable repairs have helped her create a safe and stable living environment.

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  • There are problems with the foundation and porch.
  • Another view of the failing foundation.
  • This is a problematic porch.
  • Stabilizing and lifting from underneath.
  • The porch is repaired.

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