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Photo Album: Waterproofing and Encapsulating a Flooding Crawl Space in Bloomingburg, OH

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Within one month of moving into their house, new homeowners in Bloomingburg, OH, began to question the health and safety of their living environment. They were unsure what may or may not have been in the crawl space under the house, so they wanted to have this area inspected.

The owners contacted Ohio Basement Authority after seeing our TV ads, and then they met with one of our expert inspectors. The inspector noticed various areas with standing water, which most likely leaked into the crawl space through the older window and well system. He presented the homeowners with several solutions that would address these issues.

The homeowners were eager for one of our crews to install these reliable products. On installation day, the crew was met with a massively flooded crawl space. After working to pump the water out of the crawl space, they then installed products that would ensure the crawl space would not flood again. These included the CrawlDrain drainage system and SafeDri Pro sump pump inside the crawl space, and external drainage solutions like the FreezeGuard and YardWell attachments.

The crawl space was encapsulated in durable CrawlSeal liner, and the old window was replaced by the access well.

The homeowners can rest easier knowing these solutions are protecting the crawl space, as well as the rest of their home.

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  • This window system is causing problems in the crawl space.
  • The crawl space has standing water in various areas.
  • Here's another view of the flooding crawl space.
  • The encapsulated crawl space is now healthier.
  • Here is a crawl space waterproofing solution.
  • Here is the new crawl space access.

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