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Photo Album: Stabilizing a Settling Garage in Columbus, OH, with Helical Piers

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After living in their house for 30 years, homeowners in Columbus, OH, have started to notice glaring problems with their garage were only worsening. A few portions of the foundation walls were cracking and appeared to be settling. Daylight could be seen through the gaps in the walls.

The homeowners plan to live in their house for many more years, but they were afraid the garage could eventually collapse because of its condition. They were motivated to address these problems once and for all, and they contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company online. After meeting with one of our inspectors, the owners were eager for one of our crews to install a trustworthy permanent solution.

Several Helical Piers were installed underneath the problematic walls by being mechanically advanced into the ground to stable soil. These durable galvanized steel piers permanently stabilize the walls, help prevent further settlement, and offer the best opportunity to lift the settling sections back to level.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing this reliable solution was installed to help them create a safe forever home.

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  • The garage wall is failing.
  • This wall could eventually collapse.
  • This is another sign of settlement.
  • A view from inside the garage.
  • The repair and lifting process begins.
  • The garage is now stable.
  • An interior view of repair and stability.

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