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Photo Album: New Interior and Exterior Drainage Systems will Keep a Leaking Basement Dry in Galena, OH

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After living in his house for almost 30 years, a homeowner in Galena, OH, started to notice water seeping inside his basement after periods of rain. This seemed to happen in a corner that also had a downspout line just outside the foundation. He wasn’t sure if the downspout or outdated sump pump system was the culprit, but either way the homeowner wanted to address this problem so leaking water would no longer be an issue.

The homeowner contacted Ohio Basement Authority after learning more about our company online. After meeting with one of our inspectors, he was eager for one of our crews to install several interior and exterior waterproofing solutions.

These included the sub-floor BasementGutter drainage system and SafeDri Pro sump pump, as well as new downspout conductor lines that were camouflaged by YardWell outlets in the yard.

The homeowner is pleased to now have a safer and drier home because of these reliable solutions.

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  • This could be a cause of leaking.
  • The floor is wet from seeping water.
  • This is not an efficient sump pump system.
  • Protecting the perimeter with BasementGutter.
  • An efficient sump pump is installed.
  • New downspout lines are installed.
  • Another view of safer exterior drainage.

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