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Photo Album: Stabilizing Cracking, Tilting Foundation Walls in Junction City, OH

Album Description

After living in their house for 35 years, homeowners in Junction City, recently started to notice some problems in their basement. Two of the foundation walls were cracking and appeared to be slightly tilting inward.

These are common signs of foundation wall failure, but these issues will only continue to worsen and result in safety hazards that will be costly to repair in the long run. The homeowners were motivated to address these problems before any serious damage resulted, so they began to research repair options.

They contacted Ohio Basement Authority after seeing us listed on resources like Home Advisor. After meeting with one of our inspectors, they were equally excited for one of our crews to install one type of our many reliable foundation repair solutions.

We placed several Carbon Fiber supports on the failing foundation walls. These heavy-duty supports permanently stabilize the walls where they are installed, and they protect the walls from any further cracking or bowing. These durable, low-profile supports also can be easily concealed with paint, drywall or other materials if the homeowners want to finish the basement.

The homeowners now have peace of mind knowing this trustworthy repair solution has helped them create a safer forever home.

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  • This foundation wall is failing.
  • Another view of the problematic wall.
  • Working to stabilize the wall.
  • Another look at the repaired wall.

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