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Photo Album: Stabilizing and Waterproofing a Cracking, Leaking Basement in Frankfort, OH

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Following the passing of her parents, a woman returned to the house in Frankfort, OH, where she grew up. As she assumed ownership of the house, she wanted to tackle various improvement and repair projects. These included fixing the cracking, slightly tilting foundation walls and leaking basement.

During her research, the owner came across Ohio Basement Authority’s website. She was eager to contact us to learn more about how we could help her. One of our inspectors evaluated the condition of the basement and then presented the owner with some of our reliable foundation repair and basement waterproofing solutions.

The owner was eager for one of our crews to permanently stabilize and waterproof the basement. We did this by fixing and protecting the foundation walls. On the walls that were not severely cracking or bowing, we placed several Carbon Fiber supports. These durable straps adhere to the walls and hold them in their current positions. They also protect the walls from any further cracking or bowing.

IntelliBrace beams were installed on the walls that appeared to be in worse condition. These beams may look like typical steel supports, but they are unique and superior to other systems. They are zinc-plated to resist rust and damage, and they are designed to help improve and straighten the walls with their ability to be tightened.

Waterproofing the basement involved excavating the perimeter to install the BasementGutter system in the sub-floor. This drainage system is designed to accept seeping water from the walls and floor, and then direct the water to a new sump pump system. The older, failing pedestal sump pump system was replaced by the SafeDri Triple. Along with three powerful pumps inside the liner, the SafeDri Triple is equipped with an external backup battery to ensure the system will always work to pump water out of the basement.

The homeowner can rest easier knowing these trustworthy solutions have helped her create a forever home that will be a healthier and safer living environment.

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  • This wall has begun to fail.
  • Another view of the wall and problematic area.
  • The waterproofing system is not properly working.
  • A closer look at the outdated sump pump system.
  • The repair projects begin.
  • A closer look at a unique solution.
  • This area also is protected.
  • The home is now protected and waterproof.

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