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Photo Album: Permanently Waterproofing an Older Home's Leaking Basement in Lancaster, OH

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During the last 16 years that she has lived in her house, water has not always been a problem for a homeowner in Lancaster, OH. It wasn’t until the last few years that she began to notice water leaking into her basement and saturating the floor. This seemed to happen every time it rained, and the owners was growing frustrated with cleaning up the mess of this worsening problem.

The homeowner uses her basement primarily for storage, so she wanted to keep this area dry and not have to worry about her belongings getting damaged. As she talked about her concerns in passing with a trusted friend, this friend was eager to refer her to Ohio Basement Authority based on a remarkable repair experience she had with our company.

The owner was eager to contact us and learn more about how exactly we could help give her a dry basement. After meeting with one of our inspectors, the owner was equally excited for one of our crews to install some of our reliable basement waterproofing solutions.

These included the BasementGutter interior drainage system and SafeDri Triple sump pump. Any water that seeps inside the 90-year-old home will be intercepted by the sub-floor BasementGutter system, and then directed to the SafeDri Triple. The SafeDri Triple, featuring three powerful pumps inside the liner and an external backup battery, will always work to pump water out of the home. FreezeGuards were attached to the exterior sump pump discharge lines, and these lines were tied into new downspout conductor lines that were installed on the property.

The homeowner can rest easier knowing these trustworthy solutions will always keep her home dry and healthy.

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  • Water leakage is visible.
  • A reactive cleanup attempt.
  • Another view of a leaking wall.
  • Preparing to protect the perimeter.
  • Permanent solutions are installed.
  • The basement is now protected.
  • Exterior waterproofing assistance.

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